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It was definitely not as calm as it was supposed to be. It was decently windy all day and the seas were 1-2.5 foot. This morning started off with some decent king fish followed by a few Spanish mackerel and some blue runners. In The afternoon I trolled for about 15 minutes and got a nice Spanish mackerel and then went out a little deeper to catch some bottom fish we caught grunts, porgies, red grouper, pufferfish, blue runners and a couple other randoms.


Wind picked up as soon as we left and the waves were 2-3 foot.(less than ideal) The day started off fairly calm so I Trolled my way up north and went exploring. 2 king fish a few Spanish mackerel and a bunch of blue runners kept the kiddos busy! We had a lot of fun on this trip!


It was supposed to be a beautiful day but unfortunately the weather man lies quite often. Past 3 miles was pretty rough. We started off trolling and doubled up right away on Spanish mackerel and then went 15 minutes without a bite so we went out bottom fishing. They only wanted enough for dinner so we kept a couple grunts and a porgy and threw back a ton of grunts, porgies, pufferfish, red grouper and a remora.


Weather was really nice! Barely any wind and the waves were no bigger than a foot and a half! We took Greg out for the second time and this time it was his birthday! I'd say we gave him a pretty good one too!! We ended up fishing somewhere I'd never been and it worked out x12. We ended up getting our 6 man limit. We also caught a bunch of lanes and grunts while bottom fishing and then ended up trolling half way home and got 4 kingfish and 2 Bonita. Today was a great day on the BigAngler! One for the books to say the least!


The weather was absolutely beautiful, barely any wind or waves today! This group was awesome! We had an all day trip so we went exploring we ended up stopping after we caught 4 nice red grouper and then I had a plan to try to find some mangroves(which I did indeed find) we ended up with one really nice one and one really big one. And we messed around with a bunch of red snapper as well!


Was way rougher than the 1 foot or less those dang weather men said on the forecast. My good buddy bob from Virginia came down to go fishing with his 2 buddies and we had a blast! We trolled around for a good majority of the trip and got 3kingfish, a few Bonitas and a fat Spanish mackerel. We anchored up on the way in and caught a couple porgies and then headed back home! All in all today was awesome!


We had a little west wind so it was a little bit choppy but really nice! Decided to try something new and fish up north close to shore and it went way better than I could've imagined! It was a 1 stop shop I didn't have to move the whole time we were steady catching fish the whole time and it finally slowed down a little bit right before we picked up anchor to head home. We caught a ton of grunts throwing back even more than we ended up keeping, a couple black sea bass, a lot of red grouper(a couple that were 18-19inches) and than a ton of gag groupers! This was a really fun 4 hour trip!


Weather was good but it was a little bit choppy out again!
Our Big Angler family has a little brother that's getting married so they came down for a week long bachelor party! We spent a couple hours live baiting and lost some really big fish on the light action rods but we managed to get a couple decent king fish and a Bonita and then a variety of snapper bottom fishing in between the bites. It was a really fun trip! Congrats Steven, we hope getting married is almost as cool as catching fish!


Waves were way bigger than expected but that didn't stop the island hopper from getting it done. Seas were 4ft+ at times.
Today was one of the most epic days I've had in a long time with our returning client Tim! Tim gave me a call and when I asked him what he wanted to catch he replied "fish" so that's exactly what we did! It started off pretty slow we got broke off first bait and then after I retied some rigs our first fish was a 30lb kingfish, afterwards we caught a couple Bonitas followed by another probably 10lb kingfish that we released and as we were sitting around talking one of the live bait rods started peeling drag off like no ones business. After a couple minutes I realized we did not have another Bonita and brought in our first black fin tuna ever! We also caught a couple lane snapper in between bites. It was a great day for the BigAngler and a great day for Tim! I had been waiting for this day to come for quite some time and the tuna most definitely did not disappoint!


Weather was beautiful and waves were less than a foot! Perfect day for an island hopper. These boys came all the way from Canada to catch some sharks and that's exactly what we did! We got two smaller sharks that those boys thought were huge until we got dragged around almost a whole mile by a 10 ft bull shark! All they had to say afterwards was how epic it was, which fit right in around here! Will add pics of the big one as soon as I get them off the go pro.

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